This is a FREE Web COOKING CLASS. There Are No Costs, But Time Is Very Limited

Make Your Own Balms and Salves
Right from your HIVE

With little to no extra equipment, cooking gear or stuff... all right from your kitchen

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in this free live training, 
You'LL lEARN these little known secrets

secret #1

You have the Equipment in your home already

We'll walk through the basic equipment you need to make your balms and salves.  We'll even discuss the mistakes we've made in using some of our "Prime" kitchenware.

secret #2

Rendering and preparing Ingredients is easy

Want to understand the best techniques and processes to create the ultimate ingredients that you can make in bulk and store for later?  We'll walk through how to prepare and store them.

secret #3

The Best Containers Are Not What you Think

We'll even give you some insight into what we've learned about storage and packaging of your final products.  Just remember it doesn't always have to be something you find online or at the store.
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